Stress Buster

Stress Buster


This hypnosis session will help you become more relaxed than you’ve ever known yourself to be. Special Neuro-Matrix sounds are barely audible behind the hypnotic voice of your hypnotherapist, Charles R. Beeson, CHt. These sounds induce an Alpha Brain Wave State that will make you feel like you are awake in a dream.

Stress, anxiety and any tension will be washed away by the gentle ocean waves that enter through your left ear and exit through your right. So always use head or ear phones to obtain the best listening experience with this session.

Symbolic metaphor is introduced to program your unconscious mind with stress coping skills to help you become calm and relaxed in difficult situations. You will be reinforced with direct and indirect hypnotic suggestions to always see things, situations and events in their true perspective…… without blowing things out of proportion.

Should you ever begin to feel the early warnings of stress, you will become instantly more calm with the tension-trigger relaxation response. A single deep breath will remind you of this relaxation experience, as you meet every event in a confident, calm manner.

Stress Buster is excellent for alleviating many uncomfortable medical conditions. The symptoms of Panic Attacks, Anxiety, Fears and PTSD are greatly relieved by this recording.

26 minutes $19.95

(Information on private individual “InstaCalm Sessions)

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