Live Coaching Via Skype or Phone

//Live Coaching Via Skype or Phone

Live Coaching Via Skype or Phone


Live Personal Coaching
with Charles Beeson, CHt

• Session Over Phone or Skype
• Remove Phobias
• Soothe Stressful Memories
• Master Self-Help Techniques

Regular Rate $250/hour
Member Rate $200/hour

* Highly Recommended for severe anxiety and phobias

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Removing the Root Cause of Anxiety

Many folks who suffer with anxiety have experienced a stressful event or a series of stressful events, prior to the beginning of their unwanted anxiety symptoms. This is referred to as the, “Root-Cause”. After these memories are desensitized, the severity of anxiety is significantly lessened.
Most phobias begin with a traumatic stressful event.

An example of this is: a person who had a terrible plane flight and later has a fear of flying develop.
A person in a bad traffic accident, develops fear of driving.

Charles coaches you with a technique called, Time Line Therapy, that removes the fearful feeling from the memory. It takes about an hour and does not involve discussing the details of what happened. You will still remember what happened… but, the memory then feels completely “numb”.

Mild Anxiety & Stress 1 hour
Moderate Anxiety & Phobias 1.5 hours
Severe Anxiety 2 to 5 hours

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