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How to ZAP the Fear of Public Speaking And Impress Your Audience With  Confidence

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Present with Greater CONFIDENCE After These 5 – ONE Hour Hypnotherapy Sessions…
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  • Session 1: Desensitize root cause of your phobia and learn how to overcome anticipatory anxiety in seconds. 

  • Session 2: Learn how to become and remain Calm with the InstaCalm® Technique.

  • Session 3: Learn how to feel more confident when you need it!

  • Session 4: Overcome fear of being judged by your audience.

  • Session 5: Create a Speaking Performance Strategy.
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Take Action And Put This Issue Behind You!
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The fear of public speaking is often described as greater than the fear of death. Whether or not that’s true doesn’t matter.

If your job demands good presentation skills, you must do something about it, or be passed-by.

The InstaCalm Program in Silicon Valley, can help you to quickly reduce your anxiety for both “before” and “during” your presentation.  

We are so sure you will like our method… we are making this incredible offer...

Get your “No Risk” trial session and learn a POWERFULL TECHNIQUE that makes it possible to alleviate Anticipation Anxiety… the biggest factor in the fear of public speaking. 60 Day Money Back Guarantee

Use this ANXIETY RELEASE TECHNIQUE… the night before… the morning of… AND moments Before You Make a Presentation OR Participate in a Group & Round-Table Discussion.

Continue-on with 4 more private sessions and learn how to be more Calm-Confident AND OVERCOME…

Fear of Being Judged – Nervousness – Social Anxiety – Stage Fright – Racing Heart – Panic – Sweaty Palms – Shaking – Panic – Trembling Voice

Be ready for your next speaking event!

Today’s corporate world demands Public Speaking Skills. Your self-confidence and communication skills can often determine getting a raise or promotion. Job security, careers and upward advancement often depend on your speaking abilities.

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*Individual Results May Vary

 * “I am an executive and public speaking is expected of me. In the past, I would always try any way I could to avoid public speaking, because when on stage, my whole body would shake, which was very embarrassing.

One day I stumbled upon Charles’ website and decided to give it a try. I was a big skeptic. I had 5 sessions to prepare myself for an upcoming conference engagement and after the 5 sessions, to my surprise, the engagement turned out very well, and now I can handle any public speaking gig!” *Individual Results Vary

Mike G. Santa Clara, CA – Yelp Review

* “My problem was giving presentations in front of the class or having discussions with the professor. I was having allot of before-speaking anxiety.” “This program helped me “INSTANTLY” to stop the anxiety, my thoughts are coherent and formulated. I’m able to get my message out now. I’m able to function better in class, as well as out of class in social settings.” “I no longer fear what other people are thinking or saying. I’m able to be confident in myself. My results were very fast with InstaCalm.” * Individual Results Vary

Christoper B. – Law Student – University of Santa Clara

“I went to see Charles Beeson prior to a big presentation.  I was extremely nervous about the presentation and the interview to follow.  Under hypnosis I was taught several techniques for handling my anxiety.  

First, I was taught how to control the fear of the presentation itself.  Second, I was taught a technique for staying calm when faced with anxiety.  Finally I was taught how to not only relax, but to feel positive when giving the presentation.  

In addition to the in person sessions, Charles gave me recordings to listen to which reinforced the teachings.”

“The presentation went great and I feel I now have the tools to succeed in future presentations.

As an added bonus, he gives a lifetime guarantee, so that in the future if I am having trouble or feeling anxious about a presentation, I can come in for a refresher free of charge.” * Individual Results Vary

Jason P. , San Jose, CA

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