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Fear of Flying Can Often Be Quickly Alleviated with Hypnotherapy!
* Results May Vary

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Flying anxiety can range from a mild feeling of nervousness to full fledged Anxiety and Panic Attacks. It is called Aerophobia, as a phobia by itself, but, is often a symptom of other related phobias, such as: Acrophobia (fear of heights) Claustrophobia (fear of being trapped in an enclosed space) Agoraphobia (fear of a situation that has no escape during a panic attack.

Causes Of A Flying Phobia

There are many different causes of Flying Anxiety. The most obvious is an extreme fear that originates from a traumatic flight experience. There is a long list of related fears & reasons that creates flying fear. Such as the fear of…

  • Not being in control.
  • Vomiting
  • Crashing
  • Being hijacked by terrorists.
  • Flying at night.
  • Flying over water.

These root cause issues can create a serious Flying Phobia and destroy a person’s “self confidence” about flying. They include: news events (exaggerated stories from the news media), newness to flying, lack of understanding of the “workings of an airplane ”with its’ sounds and sensations, etc.

“Fly With Calm-Confidence Fast!”

The advanced hypnotherapy techniques, used with the “InstaCalm Anxiety Relief Program”, can often remove these Root Cause fears during the first, one hour session. Additional sessions are usually required to alleviate the Anticipation Anxiety or “Fear-of the Fear”, and improve self confidence.

Mild to moderate fear of flying, can often be alleviated by listening to a hypnotic recording. The mp3 download,”Confident Traveling By AIR“, is available in the Self-Help Tools. *Indvidual Results May Vary

“Your treatment for fear of flying really worked. Your counseling helped me overcome years of worrying about flights for weeks in advance and being a bag of nerves the day of the trip.”

Greg Gurule, TV News Anchor
“I recently took a 5 hour flight to Boston and did not experience the pre-flight jitters or concerns that used to make travel a misery. Once in the air I used the techniques you showed me to see past the turbulence and overcome the fears that made it a “white knuckle flight!” * Results Vary
Siggy H., San Mateo
“9 years of not being able to fly because of fear and anxiety were changed with the professional help of Charles. I am so happy that he helped me accomplished this huge hurdle in my life. His techniques are great and really work fast. All it took was 4 sessions with him and 9 years of fears are gone.” * Results Vary
E. L., Los Altos

“I had a terrible experience flying in my late teens and had a very difficult time flying even with a MD’s anti-anxiety prescription.  Last year after 33 years of not flying and missing out on life I flew.  The meds calmed the physical reactions but not the mental stress and anxiety. I did not want to fly again, with or without drugs. I knew that was not possible for me to fully enjoy this life and world.”

“I agreed to fly to Kauai with my fiancé in May.  I started my sessions 5 weeks before flying.  I finished my last session with Charles 2 days before flying to Kauai. I had no problems over and back, 11+ hours in the air!  I completely enjoyed the flight.

“The flight back had some weather issues and the seat belt light was on for over half the flight.  Never once did I go back to the stress and anxiety I felt in the past. In fact, I was more relaxed on the flight than most people.”  * Results Vary